Sunday, October 09, 2011

Additions to the Family

Despite minor setbacks and a shitload of translations, I've managed to survive the week. And with a really good news too! About a week ago (since I'm all moved out of my mom's house and living with another cat-lover), my boyfriend and I adopted a little girl kitten using the site SegundaMano. She is a lovely thing who has grown tremendously in the week she's spent with us, breaking out of her shell and becoming an increasingly active and demanding kitten. Her name is Cleopatra (Cleo for friends and family) and we're ansolutely thrilled with having her at home.

She has also taken to sleeping in the oddest places.

She is still terrified of being carried around but she's been scampering about now that everything else has stopped alarming her: trying to eat people's feet and my laptop, attempting to conquer the bookshelf and kill the evil that is our bed's comforter. And she's become accostumed enough to our home to develop a routine of her own: she sleeps a couple of hours, wakes up and goes to her litter box, eats something and then goes completely berserk for another couple of hours. Rinse and repeat. She's like clockwork.

She is still a very affectionate kitten, though, and mortally upset whenever we leave her alone in a room or I attempt to cook (obviously the sink and stove are in cahoots with the comforter). It is impossible to work at my computer now that she's constantly demading attention and trying to shred my right hand to pieces but I can most definitely declare that I am utterly, madly, hopelessly in love with her.

In addition, thanks also in part to our new independence, we've started a new D&D campaign (I've started like zillions and zillions of those and they always end prematurely, hopefully this one will stick). I've decided to use a character concept based on the Time Master Trilogy. I'm really happy with my character and of course have gone completely overboard in the character creation bit and have been reading way too much D&D and spent way too much time attempting to draw her.

The idea was to make a character with a basic integrity to her who was following a god of evil not for power or conviction but because she was in love with him. People familiar with Louise Cooper's work will probably recognize the character but I think she's changed enough in execution to merit an original name and design. After all, I've come to realize that, unconciously, she's also been significantly influenced by Robin Hobb's Etta, from the Liveship Traders Trilogy.

The idea has also grown a bit in its own right thanks to our GM's influence and she ended up serving an Archduke of Hell instead of a proper god. So we'll see how that comes along.

So without further ado, here are my first designs of Fynn, cleric of Mephistopheles:

She's supposed to be not terribly attractive and kind of solid and manly, to contrast with so many warrior types in chainmail bikinis and all those cleric ladies with the peek-a-boob thingies in their robes. You know what I mean.

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