Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sea Monsters

I had a strange dream some days ago. I had been discussing fiction about child molestation and the sort of monstrous father who would keep his own daughter a prisoner and a slave for years, to keep her for himself.

I dreamed of a little girl with pigtails who lived with her parents in the woods. They were poor and had no other children. Once in a while the father would take his little girl out into the woods and rape her til she dropped and leave her there. Her mother knew but said nothing. I believe she did not particularly care for the child.

So one day, as she lay down on the forest, beaten and bloodied and torn, the little girl made a decision. She picked her self from the ground and walked, and walked, and walked, until she arrived at a grey and cold beach. There were large rocks upon that beach and the stars were shining. The little girl would not return home.

She found a tide pool and laid herself in it. Strange, viscous creatures emerged from it and began to consume her. They ate her in a way that was very like her father's rape. They took her in. When they were done, a monster emerged from the tide pool.

I've had a weird image of her all week. Not in any way as clear as my other dream's images but real enough. So I had a go at drawing her.

This is the first drawing I make entirely with my tablet. It needs work.

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