Sunday, February 29, 2004

Some five years after I won the war... muahahahaha

My sweet lord it has been two months nearly since I dare put in an appearance here! I should be feeling extremely ashamed of myself. It's been a busy month and busy year and I can come up with thousands of excuses but honestly the whole point of this blog is keeping a record of my life whether it is haphzard and rushed or paused and insightful.

I haven't been doing a very good job of that lately.

Mostly I have been doing homework, school, work. Which has resulted in a huge creative coma and which has me, if not strained at least minimally worried. I'm done with my first semester and not very happy with my performance. Obviously Trig was a lost cause but I had hoped to get something decent out of biology. My god I even stayed after class to clean the aquariums and get some extra credit.

All in all this ended up with me promising myself to actually DO something in this semestre. It is going to be a lot easier than I thought. To begin with my classes are actually enjoyable. Microsoft Office, Physcology, World History and Art. I am happy with them and they have proven to be lots of fun. Psychology is the most challanging one.

Just this weekend were the last projects and homeworks for our progress reports. I'm getting them on Monday and I hope I do get something good. I'd feel horrid otherwise.

Oh dear, I haven't even had time to take care of the two RPGs (actually one) in which I still play. I miss writing, I haven't written anything since getting here from Mexico. It might be depressing but I've been working so much that I can hardly feel unproductive. If anything I really regret not taking the time to write in my blog, and it's not that I haven't had time, not with my new comupter. I've had enough little pockets of time to dare a quick write, but mostly I've been spending them chatting on msn and AIM.

As a result, the whole Gaiman, Raistlin and Jack the Ripper periods of these months are missing from my blog, which isn't accurate at all if you ask me. I found out my mom and I share the same obssession over serial killers, I met Ginnia's friend Audra, I have been appointed organizer of the Santa Cruz High School Writer's Workshop (oh dear god) and I have come to a decision to do something for my poor college resume which is so pathetic were I the administration I'd laugh at myself.

AS always I am filling myself with resolutions and promises and I know half of them I can manage and the other half will hopefully be remembered by the screen of someone who takes the time to read this very very boring blog.