Wednesday, May 04, 2011


This is my favorite activity in the world. I am now engaging in it by writing in this blog and alternating between watching a crazy English lady twitching and singing and watching some crazy japanese people twitching and attempting to sing.

It's all really very entertaining.

Anyway, the actual reason for this entry is the following drawing ( I should be translating but posting drawings online sounds like a better idea for some reason):

I'm fiddling around with proportions in an effort to once more procrastinate on the homework Derrewyn asigned me for working out the problems on the drawing below this one. I should be drawing hips and kidnapping goths with fancy boots but I much rather attempt to figure out how much taller Mitsu is than Elaine
(not that she is in anyway tall.) I'm getting pretty good at those stupid boots and I seem to enjoy drawing Elaine in skinny 80s jeans. I keep getting the slight suspicion that Elaine should be tinier and Mitsu taller but honestly, how am I gonna do that without making them look completely ridiculous? At least this is good practice for the kissing drawing!

(I have in fact actually been working on my Derre!homework, there's just not enough of it to merit a post yet. And Elaine and Mitsu are just so CUTE.)

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