Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Change of Pace

I had already resigned myself to never posting in this blog again. I had thought I was quite beyond it and that it would serve no useful purpose. However, due to popular request (ha!), I think I can at the very least attempt to find a use for this place (other than adolescent angsting, having, hopefully, outgrown it by twenty-five).

So if nothing else, I'll try to fill the pages, errm blog entries? Well, I'll attempt to fill this thing with the odds and ends of my life. Mostly the stuff nobody else cares about. Sketches, paragraphs, character notes... anything I can think of. It will, perhaps, teach me about constancy again.

And because the people who have encouraged me to attempt this again deserve a little bit of attention I'll try to turn comments back on. If I can figure out the new blogger controls...

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